Coding Is Not Just for Upper Grades Anymore!

My students need STEM – Programmable Mouse Activity Sets and Programmable Mice to help them learn to code.

Welcome To My School.

We are a Pre-K to 1st grade campus.

Our school is a Title I school.

It is located in a low socioeconomic area.

The majority of our students receive free breakfast and lunch.

My students are full of energy and excited to learn.

The more interesting the activity the more energy and excitement I see in them.

I am always encouraged by my students; they do not let their hardships affect their learning.

They may not have everything that they need to be ready for the day, but that doesn’t stop them!

Their struggles only propel them to go farther, fight harder, and try harder!

My Project

Teaching students how to code and use technology in the classroom is so important.

Most of the jobs that…

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