Eight Questions With… The Not-For-Profit Getting Kids Into Coding


Jihee Junn: Every week we ask a local start-up to spill the beans about themselves in eight simple takes.

This week we talk to Zoe Timbrell and Vaughan Rowsell of OMGTech!, a series of high-tech workshops to inspire and teach school-aged kids about future technologies.

ONE: How did OMGTech! start and what was your inspiration for the project?

Vaughan Rowsell (VR): I had the idea for OMGTech! three years ago and was really inspired by something my mum always did, which was to give back and pay it forward.

She was a paraplegic solo unemployed mum of three boys and life was tough, but she always made room to give to others who needed it.

She took care of us kids and wanted the best and brightest future for us.

One day in the early eighties she came home with a…

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