Hi-Tech eSight Glasses To Help The Legally Blind See On The Way To SA

[Codango: We found this to be such an intense bit of news, that we skip ahead for you a bit… The eSight glasses are available today through the not-for-profit RSB, Ph: 8417 5599.]

Brad Crouch: STAR Trek-style smart glasses giving sight to the legally blind are coming to Adelaide, and today, Maureen Montes of Parkside becomes the first person in the nation to buy the $13,000 super specs.

Mrs Montes, who has less than 5 per cent vision and is legally blind, has trialled the Canadian eSight glasses and says the first time she wore them she was stunned.

“It was a modern miracle — I could read the eye chart down to the bottom line, when normally I could not even see it,” she said.

“I looked out the window and could see…"

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